High School Credit Removal Information

High School Credit Removal Information ...

The Standards of Accreditation state: “For any high school credit bearing course taken in middle school, parents may request that grades be omitted from the student’s transcript and the student not earn high school credit for the course.”


This regulation provides a current middle school student with the option to remove/expunge a high school course (grade and associated credit) taken in middle school from their high school transcript, upon request. This option must be exercised prior to June 30th of the year in which the student took the course, and students may need to retake the course the following year in order to move on to the next course in the content pathway. These courses and grades will remain a part of the middle school record.


High school creditbearing courses offered at the middle school level vary by school/program, and might include: Earth Science, Algebra I, PSC Geometry, and World History and Geography I, Art I Discovering Art, Independent Living, Technology Foundations, Exploring Computer Science, Introduction to Game Design & Coding, Digital Media Art, 21st Century Inquiry and Leadership, French I, Spanish I, French II, Spanish II, Foundations of Spanish Part B and Foundations of French Part B.


Please note:  Beginning with the 6th grade class of 2021-2022 (graduating cohort of 2027-2028) and beyond, final letter grades earned in all high school credit bearing courses that have not been
removed/expunged will be used in computing GPA and class rank at the end of the student’s junior year and at the end of the first semester of the student’s senior year.  Students are ranked numerically, in ascending order, according to cumulative weighted GPA.


To request that a high school credit bearing course taken in middle school be removed/expunged from the high school transcript, please complete the form below on or before June 30, 2023. We encourage you to discuss this option with your child’s school counselor before making a final decision, as submitted requests may not be rescinded.


Parents/Guardians can access the form in two ways - 
2) Paper Form - HS Credit Removal Request Form (paper) - English
Translated Paper Forms - Arabic     Spanish     Dari     Pashto     Portuguese


We encourage you to reach out to your school counselor with any questions and to discuss this option with your school counselor prior to making a final decision.  


The form will be available beginning April 12th!


Email your grade level counselor for assistance:  

Tammy Mizelle (7th/8th graders, Last Names A-B) ; Sara Dougherty (7th graders, Last Names C-Z) ; or Tamela Tyler (8th graders, Last Names C-Z)