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MajorClarity Information:

HCPS has partnered with MajorClarity, an online academic and career planning platform designed to help every student in grades 6-12 explore and discover future careers and courses that closely relate to their interests, personality, skills and strengths and take ownership of their academic and career goals! Because parents/guardians play an integral role in their child’s academic and career planning process, students are encouraged to access MajorClarity at home with their family in addition to the various planned and scheduled opportunities to work in the platform at school. Parent/guardians also have the opportunity to access MajorClarity via their student's account anytime, from any device, using Clever. Check out the MajorClarity Parent/Guardian Login Instructions for detailed directions!


Would you like an introduction to MajorClarity? This MajorClarity Overview Video is a great place for parents/guardians to start!


Need targeted help navigating MajorClarity with your student? Check out these MajorClarity student User Guides and Video Tutorials!


The following MajorClarity resources may also be helpful to HCPS parents/guardians:

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Finally, HCPS Bridge Builders Academy presented a virtual “Getting to Know MajorClarity” session in January 2023.  Click here to view the recorded presentation. Please feel free to reach out to your school counseling department, your partners in academic and career planning, with any questions or concerns.


Academic & Career Planning - In February/March, school counselors present a lesson to all 7th and 8th graders in health classes, to help students work through their "Academic & Career Plans (ACP's)."  The goals of developing the ACP are to help students learn how to stay on track for high school graduation, while also exploring coursework available in HCPS that matches their career interests, to help students develop postsecondary plans.  Students are reminded about graduation requirements.  Students are asked to identify a career pathway that best relates to their career interests at this time, and explore coursework within HCPS that ties to this career pathway.  Students are given directions for planning out coursework from 9th-12th grades, with the understanding that courses will be selected each year while they are in high school, and their interests may change over time.  Please review this video tutorial, to help you understand more about the academic and career planning process.


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